The Medtronic MyCareLink Heart mobile app is indicated for use in the transfer of patient data with some Medtronic implantable cardiac devices based on physician instructions and as described in the patient manual provided in the Help Menu within the application. The MyCareLink Connect patient website is intended to provide patients, their friends, family and caregivers messages regarding transmission status of patient device diagnostic data to the CareLink™ network. Transmissions to the CareLink network sent via cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity are subject to cellular and/or Wi-Fi service availability.

Your mobile device must have the following settings for the app to work:

  • Your mobile device must be turned on – it is recommended that you keep the battery sufficiently charged for the mobile device to work
  • Your mobile device must be connected to the internet using your its WiFi or cellular network connection
  • Notifications should be turned on
  • Your mobile device must have the Bluetooth® wireless connection turned on so it can talk to your heart device
  • Keep your mobile within 3 feet (1 m) of your heart device throughout the day and night for a minimum of 3 consecutive hours per day

The MyCareLink Heart mobile app must be open and running on your mobile device. Only use the most current version of the app. It is recommended that you access the app at least once a day.

The MyCareLink Heart mobile app has minimum requirements for the mobile device and operating system. The minimum requirements for your mobile device will change over time. If your mobile device and operating system do not meet the minimum requirements, the app cannot transfer data between your heart device and the Medtronic CareLink network. Periodically, you may need to update your mobile device’s operating system or replace your mobile device to continue to use the app to transfer data. Talk to your heart doctor to learn about all monitoring options for your device.

Before updating your mobile device to a new operating system, please visit to ensure compatibility with the app.

You will receive a notification in the application if your mobile device operating system is not compatible with the app. The app will also notify you if you are required to update your mobile device operating system. Not doing so may result in not sending important information from your heart device for your clinician to manage your care and monitor your implanted heart device. 

The performance of the MyCareLink Connect patient website is dependent on certain browser software, and that software is expected to change over time. If you are experiencing technical issues with the MyCareLink Connect patient website, please contact Medtronic Patient Services at the number provided below. The MyCareLink Connect patient website may be unavailable at times due to maintenance or updates, or due to coverage being unavailable in your area. 

These products are not a substitute for appropriate medical attention in the event of an emergency and should only be used as directed by a physician. The Medtronic CareLink service is prescribed by your physician. This service is not for everyone. Please talk to your doctor to see if it is right for you. Your physician should discuss all potential benefits and risks with you. Although many patients benefit from the use of this service, results may vary. For further information, please call CareLink Patient Services at 1 (800) 929-4043 (7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Monday–Friday, Central Time) or visit the Medtronic website at

The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Medtronic is under license.