Blackberry QNX Real Time Operating System Vulnerabilities SECURITY BULLETIN

August 20, 2021


Medtronic is aware of and is monitoring a cybersecurity matter known as the BadAlloc set of vulnerabilities, impacting the QNX operating system from Blackberry.

Medtronic Response

We have evaluated our inventory of products and determined that Medtronic products are not impacted. They do not leverage the vulnerable components and versions of the QNX operating system.

We will continue to monitor our products for this vulnerability. If any further communications are necessary, we will provide them through our established Coordinated Disclosure process.

Additionally, we will use this security signal to enhance our internal security reviews, including penetration testing and threat modeling capabilities.


For further information on the vulnerabilities, refer to the CISA disclosure.

If there are further questions on this or other product security matters, please message us at