Get the most from your therapy

While receiving Medtronic DBS therapy, this will be your go-to place if you have a question, want instructions or need help.


  • You can return to your usual activities, always following your doctor's guidance on what's okay and what to avoid.
  • DBS will have only minimal impact on your daily activities, the clothes you can wear, or how you travel.
  • DBS delivers therapy 24 hours a day, so it will be working to control your symptoms when you wake up first thing in the morning.
  • DBS doesn't require any maintenance from you (except for recharging if you have a rechargeable system).


Be sure to attend all the scheduled check-ups with the doctor who manages your DBS therapy. Tell your doctor if your Parkinson's symptoms have changed. Your doctor will:

  • Make sure that your DBS system is working properly.
  • Adjust your stimulation to best control your symptoms.
  • Check the battery of your neurostimulator to see if you will soon need a device replacement.