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Everyone experiences daily fluctuations in blood pressure and these are completely normal. Generally these changes are temporary and are dependent on what you are doing, or how you are feeling, in that precise moment.

Some individuals, however, experience elevated levels of blood pressure for sustained periods of time. Consistently high blood pressure forces the heart to work beyond its capacity and can be life-threatening due to an increased risk of complications such as heart attack, stroke and kidney failure1.


One in three adults have high blood pressure, although many won’t realise it. 
While there is no clear indicator on what causes hypertension in individuals, 
there are many things that can increase the risk2.

You're at an increased risk of high blood pressure if you:

  • are over the age of 45
  • are overweight or obese
  • are of African or Caribbean descent
  • have a relative with high blood pressure
  • have a poor diet including too much salt and not enough fruit and vegetables
  • don't exercise enough
  • drink too much alcohol, coffee or other caffeinated drinks
  • smoke
  • don't get enough sleep


It is always recommended to visit a healthcare professional to check your blood pressure. All adults over 40 are advised to have their blood pressure checked at 
least every five years.

Information on this site should not be used as a substitute for talking with your doctor. Always talk with your doctor about diagnosis and treatment information.


pdf The Blood Pressure Procedure (.pdf)

This guide will give you a high-level overview of how to better manage your high blood pressure.



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