Patients suspected to have gastroparesis* should be evaluated for gastric electrical stimulation based on the following:

  • Documented gastroparesis of diabetic or idiopathic origin based on nuclear medicine emptying study (gastric emptying test)
  • Chronic nausea and vomiting
  • Refractory or intolerant to prokinetics/antiemetics
  • Viable surgical candidate
  • Symptoms must be of physiological origin
  • Patients are recommended to undergo detoxification from narcotics prior to implant

Gastric electrical stimulation is contraindicated in patients who are not candidates for surgical procedures, anesthesia, or both, because of either physical or mental conditions. This therapy is also contraindicated for patients who will be exposed to diathermy (deep heat treatment).


Humanitarian Device: The effectiveness of this device for this use has not been demonstrated. Learn more about HDE.