TRAcelet Compression Device Transforming your transradial experience

For simplified pressure control.


The TRAcelet™ compression device is our innovative solution for simplified pressure control. Its dual-compression balloon system uniformly delivers pressure to the access site to stop bleeding, while maintaining radial artery patency.1

  • In the cath lab, use the syringe provided with your TRAcelet device for pressure optimisation.
  • In the recovery area, use the unique dial-based system for controlled pressure adjustments, without the need for a syringe.2

Product Details

TRAcelet Compression Device

1. Large viewing window lets you clearly visualise the access site2

2. Purple-to-purple colour indicators identify the connection point between the syringe and air injection port

3. Intuitive dial markings help you keep track of pressure adjustments1

4. Dial lock prevents patient tampering2

5. Syringe endcap prevents attachment to sheath stopcocks

6. Slide-through strap makes fastening the band easy.Two band sizes and curved strap edges ensure a comfortable fit for patients2

Technical Specifications

  • Nominal 13
  • Maximum 18
  • Regular 19.2
  • Large 25.2

Bench test data on file at Medtronic. Bench test data may not be indicative of clinical results.


Data on file at Medtronic.