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Piton GC Carotid Guide Catheter

Peripheral Interventions


Access difficult-to-reach carotid lesions for intervention using the Piton™ GC carotid guide catheter. The catheter's braided shaft design provides enhanced steerability and control, and its flexible coiled tip assists in atraumatic ostial engagement. Use of a double wire approach through a supra-aortic vessel permits access to an external carotid artery lesion for treatment.


The Piton™ GC Carotid Guide Catheter is intended to facilitate the introduction and placement of interventional devices (e.g., guidewires, stent delivery systems, dilation balloons, angiographic- or micro-catheters, etc.) into the human vasculature to treat vascular obstructive disease, including but not limited to the supra-aortic vessels.

Product Details

The Piton GC facilitates carotid access.  

Double wire approach of supra-aortic vessels

  • Through the side hole the still 0.035” guidewire provides strong backup when engaging the external carotid artery with the standard 0.035” guidewire

Braided shaft design

  • Enhanced steerability and control

Flexible coiled tip

  • For atraumatic ostial engagement
Piton Carotid Guide Catheter with Guidewires

Piton Carotid Guide Catheter with Guidewires
Two guidewires are used inside the Piton catheter to access the external carotid artery.

  1. Standard guidewire
  2. Stiff guidewire
  3. Side hole
Piton Insertion Step One

Piton Insertion Step One
Insert a guidewire of choice into the descending aorta and a stiff guidewire through the aortic arch.

Piton Insertion Step Two

Piton Insertion Step Two
Advance the system until the side hole of the Piton is in front of the ostium of the vessel to be treated.

Piton Insertion Step Three

Piton Insertion Step Three
Rotate the Piton to engage its tip into the ostium of the vessel and re-advance the standard wire into the carotid vessel.

Piton Insertion Step Four

Piton Insertion Step Four
Retract the stiff guidewire off the side hole and re-advance it to the same level as the standard wire that is pulled before the intervention.

Manuals and Technical Guides

Instructions for Use
Find this technical manual in the product labeling supplied with each device or by calling technical support for cardiovascular devices: +1 763 526-7890.

Model Specifications

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