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Drug-Eluting Stent


Delivering proven, flagship stent performance you can count on in daily clinical practice, Resolute™ DES packs a variety of features:

BioLinx Polymer

BioLinx™ polymer — a blend of biocompatible hydrophobic and hydrophilic polymers to extend drug elution and reduce inflammatory response for complete, functional endothelial healing.1,2

  • Rapid endothelial healing1
  • Minimal inflammation1
  • Low risk of stent thrombosis3
  • Controlled drug elution2

Zotarolimus Drug

Zotarolimus drug — a potent antiproliferative drug inhibits neointimal growth 

  • A drug developed specifically for Drug-Eluting Stents applications

Product Details

When you choose Resolute DES, you get:

Excellent deliverability:4

  • Driver™ stent  - Unique modular, open cell design with a low profile, thin round struts, and cobalt alloy for enhanced procedural confidence in challenging anatomies 

Extensive Real-World Use and Meaningful Clinical Evidence Generation:

  • Excellent efficacy and safety proven in more than 7500 patients3 
  • Powerful clinical performance across a broad spectrum of patients, including real-world patients5

Product Specifications


In porcine models. Based on test data on file at Medtronic. May not be indicative of clinical performance.


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Bench test data available on file at Medtronic. Bench test data not indicative of clinical performance. 


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